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Dan’s Story

Dan, 18, did not know his father and his mother had a history of substance abuse and incarceration. Parental rights had been terminated and Dan had been a ward of the state for six years. He had been in numerous foster placements over the years.

At a hearing in 2006, Dan’s CLC lawyer negotiated an agreement with the social worker that Dan would receive certain privileges in exchange for fulfilling specific academic and disciplinary requirements.

In mid-2007, Dan admitted to an assault. Dan’s CLC attorney, who had only represented him in the foster care proceedings, learned of the assault charge, and offered to represent Dan in the criminal proceedings. The county attorney and probation officer recommended that Dan be sent to a correctional facility for six months. Dan’s CLC attorney asked the court to give Dan a second chance and the court agreed.

Dan was placed in a foster home with a foster mother who worked diligently with him on discipline issues, anger management, academics and responsibility. Dan had no further criminal or disciplinary incidents. He graduated and is attending college on an athletic scholarship.

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