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Volunteer of The Month, April 2010- Ryan Check

Ryan Check

Congratulations to Ryan Check, CLC’s April Volunteer of the Month. Ryan is a corporate attorney with Virtual Radiologic Corporation, and has been a CLC volunteer since July 2008.  Ryan previously had limited courtroom experience, but in March he successfully completed a trial for his CLC client.  As Ryan explains, “my recent experience representing a young man whose father was the subject of a petition to terminate his parental rights has given me an even greater appreciation of the important role that CLC plays in the foster care and child-protective services system. With CLC’s help, the young man was able to directly participate in the trial and oppose the petition. Not only did the court ultimately grant a motion by our client to dismiss the petition, but the judge stated on the record that our client had so impressed him during testimony that it would have been wrong for the court to terminate a parental relationship that was so meaningful to this young man. This case was a terrific example of CLC’s power to ‘Inform, Navigate, and Empower’ on behalf of Minnesota children.” We commend Ryan for jumping into unfamiliar territory, and for doing so with great enthusiasm and dedication. Way to go Ryan!