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Volunteer of the Month, August 2010- Jim Proman


CLC’s August Volunteer of the Month is Jim Proman.  We are honoring Jim both for his outstanding representation of foster children, and for his all-around support of CLC and the work we do.

Jim is always thinking about how he can help CLC.  When he comes across an article in the New York Times or other publications, he sends CLC a link to the article, in case it may be helpful.  We wholeheartedly appreciate Jim’s enthusiasm for the work CLC does.  Jim has also been a faithful financial supporter of CLC for many years, and he is a frequent attendee at CLC events, such as the Wine-Tasting Party held in May.  We enjoy seeing Jim at these events and truly appreciate his consistent support over the years.

Jim became a volunteer attorney for CLC in 2006.  Since then he has represented four clients.  One particularly challenging case demonstrates Jim’s level of commitment to representing children.  His client had a serious attachment disorder and emotional problems.  Jim spent considerable time consulting with the client’s therapists, case workers, residential treatment facility staff, teachers, and guardian ad litem to develop a strong team approach to the handling of what was a very challenging case.  He would drive long distances multiple times to meet with his client as often as necessary, and increased his phone contacts whenever a behavioral crisis or incident called for it.  After the case was dismissed, Jim kept in touch with his client; when the client unfortunately re-entered the foster care system a year later, Jim took the case back with no hesitation.

With all of his clients, Jim puts forth extra energy to meet with them in their own environments and ensure they are comfortable with the proceedings.  When a client is a no-show for a meeting, Jim simply presses on and tries again.  Jim has true compassion for the well-being of his clients, and he shows it with his steadfast presence –his clients know he is there for them.  We thank Jim for being an exemplary volunteer and constant supporter of CLC.  Congrats Jim!