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Volunteer of the Month, October 2010


Alia is an undergraduate student at University of Minnesota, who found her way to CLC in the winter of 2010 for a human rights internship. She continued volunteering in the CLC office throughout the summer of 2010, and into the fall. Her enthusiasm for CLC and the work she does here is one of a kind. Not to mention that she does it all, from case work to graphic design, with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Alia’s work has been invaluable to the CLC staff. When asked to describe Alia, CLC Development Director Trish Kiefer said, “Alia is that person that completely alleviates any stress you may have.  Whether it is a big event or a daily task,  you tell her what you need and she gets it done effectively and efficiently.  AND to top it all off, she does everything with a smile that warms your heart.” Thanks Alia, and congratulations on becoming October’s Volunteer of the Month!