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December 2010 Volunteer of the Month-Michelle Huntley Dill

“When I first started working with CLC, I was struck by the profound need for the children to have an attorney and more importantly, the ability to voice their concerns in a complex system. I feel fortunate to be an advocate for the children and am thankful for the tremendous support from the CLC team!” –Michelle Huntley Dill

This month, CLC would like to honor Michelle Huntley Dill from UnitedHealth Group (UHG) as CLC’s Volunteer of the Month. This winter Michelle was able to work with Staples for a donation of 325 travel bags for CLC’s foster clients. With much coordination and the help of Kristin Olson, another CLC volunteer attorney from UHG, they have coordinated the entire project. It takes very special people to see a great need like this and dedicate themselves to fulfilling it.

In addition to coordinating the project, Michelle is one of CLC’s most dedicated volunteers. Michelle’s ideas and passion for what is meaningful to children has helped her develop strong relationships with the clients she has represented as a volunteer attorney. Four of the five clients Michelle has represented since becoming a volunteer in 2008 have had behavioral issues and/or were developmentally delayed. Despite communication challenges, Michelle made a connection with each of her clients and has gone out of her way to ensure that each client felt they were being heard. She represented two children in a 9-sibling group of children, advocating for them strongly until their adoption last year. She also helped a group of three siblings deal with the emotional process of opposing an adoption petition filed by relatives with whom the children did not feel safe. Michelle’s clients know that she cares and will stand up for them. CLC is privileged to count Michelle among its team of volunteers, and is grateful for her commitment to her clients, as well as to all children in foster care.