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April 2011 Volunteer of the Month: Ginny Bell

It is indeed a privilege to work with such an exceptional organization.  Everyone at CLC is so knowledgeable and dedicated to what they are doing.  I am fortunate to be able to work with all of you. – Ginny Bell

Ginny Bell has volunteered with the Children’s Law Center of Minnesota (CLC) since 1997. Her ongoing dedication to helping foster children is evident in her work with CLC and its clients. In her six previous cases, she has been a strong advocate for the interests of her clients and continues with two more ongoing cases.

Ginny’s work at Maslon, Edelman, Borman & Brand focuses on several types of litigation. She is an audacious lawyer in her line of work, pursuing difficult cases. She has transferred and committed her strengths to her volunteer work with foster children.

In a current case, a child was locked in the basement for years by her adoptive parents. Ginny took on this intense case without hesitation. She continues to be dauntless in representing the best interests of her client.

In a previous case, a client took the initiative of entering a college-preparation program while in middle school. Ginny made the effort to communicate with the individuals handling the case about the problems that her client’s living situation might create. She ensured that her client would have the transportation necessary to continue this crucial program.  Ginny also sought out self-defense classes for another client to build her self-confidence and make her feel safe.

CLC is privileged and honored to announce Ginny as the volunteer of the month. We are proud to have her on our team. Thank you Ginny for your consistent dedication to this work!