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September 2011 Volunteer of the Month: Chad Snyder

CLC recently put out a call for volunteers due to its overwhelming caseload and without a moment’s hesitation, Chad accepted another client to add to the three he was already representing.  Chad has also agreed to be an emergency back-up for other solo practitioners who do not have the support of others at a large firm to cover their hearings when they are unable to attend.

Chad has been a volunteer with CLC since 2000.  In that time he has represented 20 clients. Chad has represented several different sibling groups throughout his tenure at CLC, and has worked hard to meet the needs of each sibling individually. Chad has devoted his time to representing his clients for the long haul, including one long term foster care youth, whom Chad represented for eight years! Dedication to clients over the long term requires commitment. Chad has been very supportive of all of his clients, and has helped many of them through some very tough times, and a variety of placements.

One of the youth that Chad represented kept running away from his placement, but Chad did his best to stay in touch with his client, and made sure he always came back into foster care, and ensured that he continued to receive the services and care that he needed.

Chad is currently a partner at Snyder Gislason Frasier LLC where he practices litigation, family, insurance and employment law and alternative dispute resolution.

Chad started his career as a reporter with the Gazette in Des Moines Iowa.  His passion for finding the facts and telling the story fit easily into becoming a lawyer.  Each client, including his CLC clients, has a story to tell.  Chad takes the time to get the facts and draw out what his clients want so he can appropriately represent their interests. Congratulations Chad, and thank you for all that you do!