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December 2011 Volunteer of the Month: Jim Reece

Congratulations to Jim Reece, CLC’s December 2011 Volunteer of the Month. Jim has been a volunteer with CLC for over nine years. Including his three current clients, he has represented a total of fourteen CLC foster clients. Jim also served on CLC’s Board of Directors and Chaired the Development Committee.  A gentle and wise soul, Jim provides effective, quality advocacy for his clients and rarely says no when he is called upon to take on a new case. Jim also recently offered to be a backup volunteer attorney for other CLC volunteer attorneys when they are unable to attend a court hearing. This is a tremendous help to the CLC staff attorneys!

Many of Jim’s clients have been older teens, so he is constantly brainstorming new ways for CLC to help ease our and his foster clients’ transitions to adulthood, and has helped some of his clients with transitioning skills such as job applications and preparing for job interviews.  In addition to his work with CLC, Jim has worked at legal aid walk-in clinics, spoken to school children about legal issues, served as a formal and informal mentor for college and law school students, and regularly assists people who are unable to hire an attorney.

Jim has showed continued support for his CLC clients even as they become adults themselves. When one of his eighteen year old clients found herself dealing with a charge in criminal matter, and then got herself into even more trouble when she failed to show up in court for her hearing regarding the matter, Jim was able to help her find the resources she needed to ensure that the matter and her failure to attend her hearing did not have a negative impact on her future.

Jim is a partner at Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel & Mason in Minneapolis.  Jim has assisted individuals and businesses in a wide range of litigation throughout the United States and in Canada, England and Mexico, involving antitrust claims, business disputes, business torts, patents, products liability, mass torts, toxic torts, prescription drugs, medical devices, property catastrophes, insurance coverage, and securities.

Thank you Jim for all that you do, and congratulations.