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Volunteer of the Month, March 2010- Salima Khakoo

Salima Khakoo: A big thank you this month to a volunteer who is not officially a CLC volunteer. Last month, when one of CLC’s volunteer attorneys discovered they needed some help with a client’s immigration issues, Salima Khakoo stepped in to help the client with the special juvenile immigrant visa process.

Volunteer Of the Month, February 2010- Sam Lockner

Sam Lockner, CLC’s February 2010 Volunteer of the Month
Recently, one of Sam’s clients was informed by county staff that he had to appear at a review hearing, even though the client had already chosen to waive his appearance and not attend. Sam was not afforded adequate notice of the county’s position and wasn’t able to help his client prepare for appearing in person at court.

John’s Story

John was removed from his mother’s home in 2004 due to neglect. John’s father lived out of state but John had little interest in living with him. In 2005 the county court ordered John and his brother into long term foster care…

Sarah’s Story

At age 16, Sarah was living on her own and working two jobs while going to high school. Her mother was incarcerated, and her father had been evicted and did not have a job; both had a history of substance abuse…

Dan’s Story

Dan, 18, did not know his father and his mother had a history of substance abuse and incarceration. Parental rights had been terminated and Dan had been a ward of the state for six years…

Kay’s Story

Kay’s mother—who had a long history of drug abuse and homelessness—sent her to live with her paternal grandmother. When her grandmother passed away, Kay went to live with her godparents…