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Kay’s Story

Kay’s mother—who had a long history of drug abuse and homelessness—sent her to live with her paternal grandmother. When her grandmother passed away, Kay went to live with her godparents until she entered foster care.

That same year her parent’s rights were terminated. Her godparents wanted to intervene and become an adoptive resource for Kay, but they had obstacles to being licensed caregivers, so the county started a plan for adoption by Kay’s maternal grandmother in Montana. Kay decided she wanted to live with her grandmother, but the county withdrew their support of that placement. They also opposed her adoption by the godparents.

Kay’s CLC attorney represented her in a hearing addressing her placement and possible adoption by the godparents. The court denied the placement, to Kay’s great disappointment. Kay’s CLC attorney pressed to have the county consider the placement with her godparents and was able to get Kay placed with her godparents’ daughter and her husband. She felt positive about this placement.

Kay has coped with intense grief coupled with feelings of both hope and disappointment throughout the many years of uncertainty in her life. She has struggled with feelings of depression and anxiety, and at times attempted self-harm. Finally, after years of patience and perseverance, Kay learned that the godparent’s family was approved as an adoptive home. Kay is now happy in this secure and loving home.