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Representing Youth in Foster Care – On-demand training

This training program prepares attorneys to represent youth in foster care. As a lawyer for a child in foster care, you will represent your client in juvenile court, identify and obtain appropriate services, and negotiate settlements. When you decide to do pro bono work for CLC, CLC staff attorneys and social workers will strategize with you, provide information about resources for your client, and help you assess your client’s development and education needs.  This program also provides updated training for current volunteer attorneys, judges, county attorneys, public defenders, social workers & other child advocates.


  • Lilia Panteleeva, Executive Director of Children’s Law Center
  • Anne Gueinzius, Managing Attorney of Children’s Law Center
  • Julia Hillel, (former) Staff Attorney of Children’s Law Center
  • Libby Bergman, Executive Director of Family Enhancement Center

Cost: Background Check Fee

To register for this training, please call CLC at 651-644-4438 or email info@clcmn.org.  Instructions for accessing the On-Demand Training will be sent via separate email after you complete your payment and registration.

Please note that this training is required for any attorney wishing to become a volunteer attorney for CLC.  CLC conducts background checks on all volunteers and requests a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of the check at the time of application.