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John’s Story

John was removed from his mother’s home in 2004 due to neglect. John’s father lived out of state but John had little interest in living with him. In 2005 the county court ordered John and his brother into long term foster care and appointed an attorney from CLC.

After two disrupted placements, John and his brother were separated and John ended up, against his will, alone in up-state Minnesota. John’s CLC attorney was not notified that he was being taken to so far away. Needless to say, he was distraught over being hours away from his friends and family. When John “acted out” the county social worker had him placed in a shelter where he spent Christmas alone without contact from anyone outside the shelter, other than his CLC attorney.

Shortly after Christmas, John’s CLC attorney brought a motion on his behalf seeking to have him removed immediately from the out-state shelter and placed back in the Twin Cities. In addition, the attorney requested that the out-of-home placement plan be amended to provide for visitation with siblings and with John’s grandmother in Wisconsin. The court granted John’s motion, and he was placed back in foster care. The court also ordered that the county immediately arrange and pay for John to visit his grandmother.

Shortly after his visit, John requested that he be permanently placed with his grandmother. At the request of CLC’s attorney, the county social worker agreed to pursue John’s placement with his grandmother. Within a month, John’ wishes were realized. Today John is safe and happy in his new environment has reconnected with his father.

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