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Call for Nominations!

Call for Nominations – Heroes for Children Award August 2020 Do you know of a Hero for Children? Nominate them for the CLC Heroes for Children 2020 Award! Awardee will be recognized at the “now virtual” October 8,… Read More

Meet Jim Proman: CLC Volunteer Attorney of the Year

CLC volunteer attorney Jim Proman has been a long-time volunteer attorney and zealous advocate for his clients. He consistently goes the extra mile for his CLC clients as he advocates on their behalf and ensures that their needs… Read More

We are a Meets Standards® organization!

We’re thrilled to announce that Children’s Law Center of Minnesota is now a Charities Review Council Meets Standards® organization! March 6, 2020 – Children’s Law Center of Minnesota (CLC) recently received Charities Review Council’s Meets Standards® seal, a… Read More

CLC Partners Nominated For 2018 Community Impact Award

Each year, Minnesota Business Magazine honors local organizations for excellence in community impact. The honorees are celebrated and winners are announced at the 2018 Community Impact Awards.   Look who’s nominated for the Pro Bono Maximus award for… Read More


DW was a young girl when she was removed from her mother’s home. Although she was adopted, she and her brother were later removed from the adoptive home while a younger sibling remained. She then spent much of high school in an unstable foster home before landing in the home of a loving and stable foster parent her senior year.


I first met Sara when she was sent to a 30-day evaluation center. Our first meeting surprised me. She was smart, well-spoken, and had a big goal: to become a dentist. She didn’t know what having a lawyer meant, but that she was happy to have some-one to talk to. From that point on, over a period of many months, Sara and I slowly built a trusting relationship. Whenever we were in court, it didn’t matter if I agreed with what she wanted, Sara knew that I would relate those desires to the judge.


When Aiden was 10 years old, he was brought into the child protection system because the police learned his mother had physically abused his younger brother. Aiden is now happily and permanently living with his brother, stepfather, his stepfather’s wife, and their children.

Volunteer Spotlight: Bryan Carroll

Bryan is an attorney at UnitedHealthcare’s legal department supporting the company’s Legal Risk Management teams. Bryan has been a volunteer with CLC for three years and has represented five clients.


Samantha has been on her own since 9th grade. Trying to remain motivated and focused on school, Samantha turned to the Children’s Law Center when she was 16 for help to gain stability and to help her navigate through the complicated times in her life.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathleen Moccio

CLC Volunteer Attorney Kathleen Moccio has been an immigration attorney for 25 years. She is an Assistant Public Defender at the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office, where she advises non-citizen clients of the immigration consequences of conviction.