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Volunteer of the Month, June 2010- Jody Alholinna

Volunteer of the Month- Jody Alholinna

CLC is pleased to name Jody Alholinna as its Volunteer of the Month! Jody has been a friend of CLC since it was founded. She was one of many individuals who helped CLC prepare for its opening in 1995, and she has been a longstanding supporter ever since. She has served on the CLC Board of Directors, has provided considerable behind-the-scenes help to the Board over the years, and has represented eight CLC clients. Jody’s commitment to the well-being of children is not only a passion she serves through pro bono volunteer work, it is a key part of her work as a juvenile law and family law practitioner with the El-Ghazzawy Law Offices in Minneapolis, where she represents guardians ad litem in child protection cases, handles family law and adoption matters, and serves as a guardian ad litem in tribal court. Jody also serves as an adjunct professor for Hamline University School of Law where she teaches Children and the Law. When it comes to CLC clients, Jody never hesitates to go the extra mile. Always willing to help without a moment’s hesitation, Jody has taken over cases when a need has suddenly arisen. Her CLC cases have involved contested permanency issues, motions related to foster care placements and treatment facilities, active involvement in clients’ educational issues, motions regarding holiday visits, and motions addressing school placement and educational testing – to name a few. She always encourages her clients to participate in the court process and she ensures they are comfortable with the proceedings – she has been known to bring cupcakes to a client’s hearing on their birthday. It’s that understanding of how the smallest of gestures can make the biggest difference for a young person, and the respect she shows to each of her clients, that make Jody such an exemplary representative and effective counselor for children. Congrats and thank you to Jody!