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Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine came to the United States as a refugee from Africa. Much about her early life is unknown but she was a young child when she arrived. For many years she was living an unstable and uncertain life in a new country with an older cousin who was verbally and physically abusive. As a young teen Jasmine became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby boy. Shortly after the birth of her child, Jasmine’s extraordinary living circumstances came to the attention of child protection.

She was determined by the child protection authorities to be abandoned and without a parent or custodian, so she and her child were placed into the foster care system. Approximately two months following her initial court appearance, Jasmine was appointed counsel through CLC. At the time of the appointment, Jasmine had become frustrated with the numerous placements she and her child had experienced, (in one instance: 4 different moves in 2 months). Last year, with the help of her CLC attorney, she was placed in a stable foster home. Jasmine also wanted to become a US citizen. CLC helped Jasmine find an immigration attorney she felt comfortable with to assist her with her citizenship process.

Although Jasmine, now 19, did not start school until she was eight years old, she is expected to graduate this spring. Jasmine is a loving and responsible parent and hopes to go to college.  On November 19, 2010, approximately two years after she requested legal help from CLC, Jasmine became a United States Citizen. Congratulations Jasmine!

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