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Jessica is a relatively new volunteer attorney with CLC.   In 2011, along with several other Medtronic Attorneys, Jessica became involved with CLC.   Jessica currently represents an older foster care youth and her representation of this youth has been outstanding.  She has committed to preventing this youth from falling through the cracks of the system and to that end she has invested countless hours on his behalf.   For example, in one month’s time, Jessica ensured that her client received necessary court oversight so his immediate needs were properly met.   This oversight included two hearings and one settlement conference that lasted several hours to address the resolution of her client’s immediate placement, medical, dental and mental health needs that had not been previously addressed.

 Jessica’s advocacy is not limited to her courtroom arguments or appearances, she has also successfully advocated for her client through her various client meetings and her coordination with other players in the system.  For example, Jessica sought to ensure that her client’s independent living plan was a plan of substance and fully involved her client in its creation.  Jessica reported to the Court and the parties her client’s express wishes in each topic area of the independent living plan including what documents her client needed, his vocational goals, his housing wishes and important family connections.   As a result of her advocacy, Jessica’s client will now receive a meaningful independent living plan that he can build upon as he transitions to adulthood.

Jessica understands the importance of counsel for foster care youth and noted “I think it means a lot to [my client] and kids like him to know that adults and others are willing to listen, explore and try.”  CLC is privileged and honored to have Jessica on our team.  Thank you Jessica!