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Sarah’s Story

At age 16, Sarah was living on her own and working two jobs while going to high school.  Her mother was incarcerated, and her father had been evicted and did not have a job; both had a history of substance abuse.

Sarah had tried to stay with her father but found the environment too unstable for her to be able to focus on her education and future. She contacted county social services and requested that it open a child protection case for her. The agency helped her pay a fee to live in an independent living program in which she had her own apartment, but the agency closed her case once she was placed there.

On her own again, Sarah quickly found she could not cover all of her basic needs. She contacted CLC and asked for help. CLC successfully filed a child in need of protection or services (CHIPS) petition on her behalf. Sarah now has the extra support and protection of a social worker, guardian ad litem, and the court to ensure she gets the support she needs to  pay her bills, complete high school, and plan for college.

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