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Daniel’s Story: Making “The System” Work

Daniel spent most of his childhood shuffling between shelters and his biological parent’s home. His parents were unable to care for him and his siblings. At times when Daniel had no one else, his aunt and uncle provided an unconditional support system. Daniel moved in with his aunt and uncle and found a wonderful, stable, permanent home there. However, he liked to spend weekends visiting his parents and siblings and did not want to be adopted by anyone else.

Daniel’s CLC attorney worked with him and his family to go over his options and make the best choices to stabilize his life. With his attorney’s guidance and expertise, Daniel’s experience in “the system” has had a positive outcome.  Daniel is in his third year of college and on track to pursue a career working with kids.  He also plays football, is a resident advisor in the dorms, and a camp counselor in the summer.