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Congratulations Carmeann Foster on the 2020 Heroes for Children Award!

The Heroes for Children Award is given annually to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the well-being of Minnesota’s children, either in a career or in a volunteer position. This year, Children’s Law Center is proud to present our Heroes for Children Award to Carmeann Foster.   

Carmeann Foster was driven by her passion for the African American community in Minneapolis when she developed and co-founded. Rebound, Inc in 2014. Under Mrs. Foster’s leadership, Rebound has opened three group homes for youth in the juvenile justice, child protection, or mental health court systems; started a mentorship program for youth on probation in Hennepin County; runs a program to prevent 8-12 year old boys in North Minneapolis from entering the justice system by supporting families and facilitating a curriculum that helps parent through trauma. Her drive and creativity have been a necessary combination for Rebound to grow from nothing to more than a million dollars in its first three years of providing services!

Carmeann’s nomination letter shared, “Carmeann was raised with high expectations, and in turn, has them for herself and others around her. Her quiet demeanor, her ability to find creative solutions, and her drive to succeed and to improve her community are all direct results from her upbringing and environment. Carmeann’s community is better because she is in it.”

She truly is a hero for children. Congratulations Carmeann!