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May is National Foster Care Month! How Will You Help?

 May is National Foster Care Month!  Please share our message with your community. 

We give youth a voice, ages 10-21, who are navigating a challenging legal system, many of whom have experienced extensive trauma. All kids deserve to be seen, heard and believed and have a safe and caring place to call home.

Help amplify our message by sharing why you advocate for youth in foster care. Please feel free to share the statistics below about CLC on your social media.

Foster Care Month Campaign – Submit photo with quote in response to one of the following questions. Take a photo of yourself with your response written on a piece of paper. Email to amandafp@clcmn.org or post on your personal page and tag @clcmnorg with hashtags #kidsneedlawyers #fostercare #Mayisfostercaremonth2021

  • What do you wish people knew about children experiencing foster care?
  • Why is this work important to you?
  • Why do you volunteer with CLC?

Wanting to do more? Make a gift of $50 today toward the May Campaign.  CLC is raising $6,200 in honor the 6,200 children who enter foster care in Minnesota every year. Together we will transform the lives of children in foster care.