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CLC Cares About Kids!

Weida Allen – Recently celebrated 19 years serving children in foster care as a staff social worker for CLC.

“The youth that we serve impress me with their resilience, courage and strength.  They deserve an advocate that will give them a voice.”

Angela Shepherd – Angela has been with CLC as a social worker since April 2019.

 “It is simple, children in foster care matter!”



Debra Kovats has spent five years a staff attorney at CLC.

“Zealous representation of youth in foster care leads to more successful, happy and healthy children in our communities.  Strengthening our communities helps us all!”


Elise Swenson, Legal Assistant in response to why is this work important?

“Because every child deserves to have their voice heard” 




Anne Tyler Guenzius, CLC Managing Attorney. What do you want people to know about kids in foster care?

“I wish more people understood children experiencing foster care are not bad children, but instead they are children who have experienced bad things through no fault of their own.”