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Volunteer of the Month, June 2010- Jody Alholinna

CLC is pleased to name Jody Alholinna as its Volunteer of the Month! Jody has been a friend of CLC since it was founded. She was one of many individuals who helped CLC prepare for its opening in 1995, and she has been a longstanding supporter ever since. She has served on the CLC Board of Directors, has provided considerable behind-the-scenes help to the Board over the years, and has represented eight CLC clients.

Volunteer of The Month, May 2010- Ann Marie Hanrahan

Congratulations to Ann Marie Hanrahan, Children’s Law Center of Minnesota (CLC)’s Volunteer of the Month. Ann Marie is Associate General Counsel at 3M, and has been a volunteer attorney for CLC since 2004. In that time she has represented a total of seven foster clients for CLC. In all of her work, Ann Marie has shown exceptional dedication to her clients and unfailing willingness to fight for their rights.

John’s Story

John was removed from his mother’s home in 2004 due to neglect. John’s father lived out of state but John had little interest in living with him. In 2005 the county court ordered John and his brother into long term foster care…

Sarah’s Story

At age 16, Sarah was living on her own and working two jobs while going to high school. Her mother was incarcerated, and her father had been evicted and did not have a job; both had a history of substance abuse…

Dan’s Story

Dan, 18, did not know his father and his mother had a history of substance abuse and incarceration. Parental rights had been terminated and Dan had been a ward of the state for six years…

Kay’s Story

Kay’s mother—who had a long history of drug abuse and homelessness—sent her to live with her paternal grandmother. When her grandmother passed away, Kay went to live with her godparents…